Monday, July 25, 2016

Hairat Angez Hafiza by Hakeem Mohammad Tariq

"Herat Angez Hafiza" (Wonderful Memory) and learn how to increase your brain memory in the Urdu language. "Hairat Angaiz Hafiza Na Mumkin Nahi" is the complete title name of this Urdu book. Hakeem Mohammad Tariq Mehmood Majzobi Chughtai has written this Urdu book all about improving your brain memory.

The author Hakim Mohammad Tariq is a famous blogger, spiritual leader, and Urdu author. He has written a lot of Urdu books about health. He is also a spiritual doctor in Pakistan. Many of his books go viral after publishing because his books are very useful and informative about health related and spirit related problems. He also recommends the reciting of the verses of the Holy Quran for the remedies of different spiritual and nonspiritual diseases.

Hakeem Mohammad Tariq is also Ph.D. from America. Hairat Angaiz Hafiza is one of the most famous Urdu books by Hakeem Mohammad Tariq. This Urdu book is all about brain health, brain structure, the role of the brain in the human body and especially the memory of the brain. All students must read this Urdu book as by reading this Urdu book they can quickly increase their memory.

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