Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Maqam e Ibrahim by Molana Ghulam Hassan Qadri

After kissing the black stone and the Kaaba, you go to ‘station of Abraham (Alaihis salaam), (maqam e Ibrahim). There is no Tauhid or command in it. You go there to look at it, admire it and then offer two- cycles of optional prayer (nafil) in front of it. After every seven circling of the Kaaba (Tawaaf): two cycles of salah must offered as close as possible to the maqam e ibrahim or ones Tawaaf would not be complete without offering this. WHY? What is so special about maqam e ibrahim that our Tawaaf would not be accepted without praying in front of it? It is special because it contains the sign of the print of the feet of Prophet Ibrahim (alaihi salaam)! (SUBHANALLAH). Now my brothers, we prostrate to Allah at the signs of the feet of a Prophet, because we believe that Allah’s blessings are overflowing at this spot. Then how blessed must that spot be where Allah’s beloved Salla Allahu ta'ala 'alayhi wa Sallam is resting. If believing that the graves of Aulia and Ambiya and believing them to have a functioning life after death is shirk then the biggest shirk (if it is) is committed in Hajj and Ummah, right in the middle of doing the ibadaah of Allah, where we believe that places touched thousands of years ago are places that are blessed. 

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