Saturday, August 31, 2013

Beseeching for Help by Dr. Tahir Ul Qadri

For almost twelve uninterr upted cent ur ies the Muslims ruled the wor ld in glory and splendour . Their r ule was embedded in a r are sense of egalitar ianism the world had never witnessed before. The dr iving force behind the just dispensation was their oven-warm, unalloyed faith in divine unity and the inspir ation they had drawn from the lif e and the teachings of the holy Prophet . There was absolutely no chasm bet ween their words and deeds. What they prof essed, they implemented. The people they subjugated and ruled were impressed, even overawed, by the impregnable consistency of their behaviour . The Muslim r ulers were not autocr atic because they strongly believed that their power did not flow f rom the barr el of the gun, but it emanated as a blessing of the omnipotent Lord. And it was on account of the sincerity of the ruler s in particular and the Muslim masses in gener al, that the infidels and people belonging to other creeds, f locked to the fold of I slam.

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