Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Rasool-e-Khuda (p.b.u.h) Ki Namza by Allam Syed Shah Turabul Haq

The word Islam is generally understood to mean: ‘Submission to the      Will of Allah (SWT)’: The Will of Allah (SWT) is made known to us through the Holy Quran. The Quran, in addition to various facts, contains instructions ordering as to do certain things and not to do certain others. The way one should submit to the Will of Allah (SWT), that is, obey His orders given in the Holy Quran, has been demonstrated by Prophet Muhammed (SAWS).  A Muslim would therefore be defined as a person who obeys the orders of Allah (SWT) in accordance with the instructions given by Prophet Muhammed (SAWS).  The instructions, saying and deeds of Prophet Muhammed (SAWS) are known as the Hadis. If the order to offer Namaz (Salaat in Arabic) is given in the Holy Quran and Hadis and if we claim ourselves to be Muslims then it becomes our duty to obey the order.

This books teach us the way of performing Salath (Namaz) by our Nabi (PBUH). 

There is no god except Allah Our Lord, And the Lord of our ancestors and forefathers. There is no god except Allah, The “One and Only” Lord Master, We submit entirely to His will. There is no God except Allah. Do not worship Him except they who sincerely obey, (even) if polytheists dislike it. There is no god except Allah, He is One, He is One, He is One, Fulfilled His promise, helped His servant, made honored and powerful His soldiers, And put the enemy troops to flight. He is One. So sovereignty is His, (all) praise is for Him; and He exercises absolute authority over all things. O My Allah, Thou filled the heavens and the earth with light, and those who are there praise Thee (only). Thou set up the heavens and the earth and put them into in order, and they who are there praise Thee (only). Thou art God. Thy promise is true. Thy words are law. Thy administration is just. Paradise is real. Hell is certain. O My Allah! I resign myself to Thy will with Thee I seek refuge, I rely on Thee, With Thy help I prevail upon enemies, and on Thy behalf I exercise authority. O Lord! O Lord! O Lord! Forgive me, that which I begin, Or complete, Or withhold, Or make known. Thou art God. There is no God save Thou. Send blessings on Muhammad and on the children of Muhammad. Forgive me. Have mercy on me. Accept my repentance. Verily Thou art Merciful Who allows the penitent to have His mercy.

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