Thursday, September 5, 2013

Pur Sukoon Azdawaji Zindagi by Hazrat Molana Abdul Sattar

Peaceful life is anyone's dream. Everyone all over the world; although they are in poor life or rich, low social position or high, children or adult, their life purposes are peace. They do anything day and night, they look for much money and spend it, they visit wonderful place and may be go around the world in long holiday, all of that for peaceful their life. But although they have do all of that, there are many person who can't feel happy, their daily life very far from happy. Why this problem can be happen ? Because they don't know yet about the real concept of peaceful life. Then what kind concept of peaceful life that must every body know ? Since 1400 years ago until today islam is peaceful religion. As peaceful religion islam will gives a great answer for this question. Islam will gives great concept of peaceful life. Before I explain to you all about the concept of peaceful life, I will start my explanation by telling about life. Life acording islam just not life in the world, but there is scond life that called life after death or " akhirat life ". At first life " life in the world " there is happiness and sad, illnes and health, love and hate, and so on.

What about the scond life ? Not far from first life, in akhirat there is heppiness and sad too. The heppiness and sad in the world are temporary, at long life of human, onetime they feel happy and the other time they feel sad. But the happiness at the scond life is forever, they will be experience it at the paradise that the view at there is very beautiful. ( Really the person who have iman and do something well are best. Reward for him is ‘adn paradise, that flow a lot of river below : Al bayinah : 7-8 )


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