Monday, April 28, 2014

Fazail-e-Tauba by Hazrat Molana Hakeem Muhammad Akhtar

It is related that the holy Prophet once remarked that the following prayer was Saiyyid-el-Istighfar (the leader of all the prayer formulas of Istighfar).

O God! Thou art my Lord, There is no God save Thee. Thou art my Creator and I am Thy slave. I abide by Thy covenant and promise as best as I can. I seek refuge in Thee from the mischief of what I have wrought. I acknowledge unto Thee Thy favour which Thou hast bestowed upon me, I also confess mine inequity; so forgive me for none forgiveth sins save Thee.
Says the Prophet:
“He who will offer repentance and beg the forgiveness of God reciting this prayer with faith and sincerity during day-time then if he died on that day, before nightfall, he shall go to Heaven, and he who will recite it at night, with faith and sincerity, and then if he died on that night, before day-break, he shall go to Heaven.”

The three Kalimas of Tauba we have mentioned above are quite easy to remember.
As a Tradition reads:
“Blessed, indeed, is the man in whose record the profusion of Tauba is written.”

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