Friday, September 18, 2015

Television Islami Nuqata e Nazar Se by Molana Mufti Shoaibullah khan

Allah has blessed Mufti Shoaibullah, whose heart beats for mankind and especially the Muslim Community in particular. He has completely devoted his life for the services required by Islam and is fully occupied thereof.

For this he regularly keeps travelling across India be they remote or near. The fields in which he works are vast but we shall try here to outline briefly his fields of work.

He is the founder and rector of JamiaIslamiaMaseehUlUloom, which is considered to be one amongst the best of the Madrasas in the country. Its rise and progress is one his biggest achievements.

The Jamia was founded and started in the year 1404 hijri i.e. 1984 A.D. from which more than a hundred scholars have graduated and are now serving Islam in many aprts of the Country. More than 300 Huffaz have been trained and deputed from here.

Approximately250 students stay at the Jamia enjoying it’s hostel facilities and other benefits. The expenditure of the Jamia is 32 lakhs annually. The syllabus of the Jamia is of a very high standard and has the approval of all the elders. For more details of the Jamia one can go to the link on the introduction of the Jamia.

He has been from the past 27 years the Imam and khateeb of the Masjid e Baid. His sermons and lectures are very popular. People travel long distances just to hear him and refresh their beliefs and faith.

Since his every move and word is a translation of the Deoband school of thought and due to his foresightedness and solemnness, he emits a gravity of confidence and faith which is not lost on any one interacting with him. One can listen to his rousing sermons and lectures which number more than 300 on this website.

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