Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Sultan Muhammad Faateh by Idrees Azad

Sultan Muhammad Fatih was born on thirtieth March, 1432. He was remarked underneath the superintendence of his father, Sultan Murad II, the seventh Ottoman Sultan. His father ready and trained him to shoulder the responsibilities of the position of a Sultan. 

Muhammad Al-Fatih memorized all the Quran, learnt the portentous narrations, Muslim jurisprudence, arithmetic, uranology and therefore the skills needed for war. He additionally learnt Arabic, Persian, Latin and Greek languages. He joined his father in his battles and conquests.

He was appointed by his father Sultan Murad as a ruler of a small state in order that he may receive sensible coaching on administering state affairs underneath the superintendence of a number of the highest students of that point. This matter influenced the character of the young patrician and tinted his temperament with Muslim morals and manners.

For eight centuries, the conquest of Constantinople, currently Istanbul Turkey was a dream for the Muslim commanders. Ever since the time of the revered companion, Mu`aawiyah Ibn Abu Sufyaan, there had been several tries to beat it, however none had succeeded.

Every Muslim commander wanted to be the conqueror praised in the narration in which the Prophet (peace be upon him) said: "You will conquer Constantinople. Its commander is the best and its army (that will conquer it) is the best."

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