Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Jawano Ke Jinsi Masayle Aur Unka Hal by Ayatullah Nasir Makarem Sherazi (Sexual Problems of Youth and Solutions)

Jawanon Ke Jinsi Masail Aur Unka Hal ( Sexual Problems of Youth and its Solution) written by Ayatullah Nasir Makarem Sherazi. One of the most important and critical problems faced by the youth of today is that which is related to various sexual issues. 

Unfortunately, we have to admit that this problem is becoming even more complicated and serious due to various factors of modern day life, such as the technological advancements which are taking place in society, the long duration of schooling and education, the availability of luxury items throughout all classes of society, and the lack of mutual trust between men and women.

The honorable author openly and clearly discussed various problems throughout this book and also proposed various solutions. Although some people believe that there are no solutions to these problems, we have proven God willing, that this is not the case, and that there are actual solutions to the sexual problems of the youth. One of the most important factors towards solving these issues will be the willingness of parents and the youth to sit down and truly push for change.

Furthermore this book discussed the issues related to sexual perversions and excesses and the practical ways of preventing and treating them. We trust that studying this book will prove useful for all young men and women towards carefully sidestepping such problems and if necessary, freeing themselves from them.

We pray to Allah, who has power over all things, to bestow success upon all of the youth in resolving their problems at this most critical stage in their lives.

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