Saturday, September 26, 2015

Rijalul Ghaib By Pirzada Iqbal Ahmad Farooqi (Urdu)

Every human spirit needs to be sustained. This sustenance is the light of Allah, attained through the friends of Allah. To gain spiritual insight one must immerse every abode of oneself in Zikar.

This is taught by many respected qualified teachers who have permission and knowledge to guide seekers. Anyone can do Zikar of Allah regardless of what race or faith, however one must take into account these lessons require a trained spiritual mentor to guide you through your spiritual journey.

All mankind regardless of race or faith should practice some form of zikar (remembrance of Allah) in order to achieve the right balance and harmony in one's everyday life.

Remembrance of Allah in ones heart helps to cure the spiritual ailments and draws you closer to the creator. The physical body can also be cured as it is directly linked to the soul, this close connection causes recovery and reduces sickness depending on the condition of body and soul.

There are many problems that doctors of the body do not understand as they cannot measure, calculate, see or feel problems in your soul. The problems we experience are not usually related to the body but to the soul (spirit) of the individual and these ailments will and can only be cured by a doctor specialist in the treatment of the soul.

The Quran says:

"Those who believe, and their hearts find satisfaction in the remembrance of Allah: By remembering Allah, truly satisfaction comes to the heart" (13:28).

There is nothing better than the remembrance of Allah within yourself to cure the spirit, this truly allows your soul to strengthen and blossom. Remembering Allah also helps to open up neurons in the brain which increases its physical capacity and power. There are many medical studies stating that meditation has been proven to heal and cure patients to recovery.

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